The purpose of education…is to create in a person the ability to look at the world for themself, to make their own decisions.” – James A. Baldwin

I want to start off by stating unequivocally BLACK LIVES MATTER! Its almost unbelievable that this is a controversial statement but here we are, at war over basic human rights. 

We’re at a moment where the line has been drawn and we must decide what side we’re on. I know the side I’m on. I’m on the side that demands justice for any and all people who have been, and will be, a victim of this cruel and oppressive racist system. I fight for all black and brown folx murdered by the police, I fight for the countless children who are kidnapped and put in cages, I stand in solidarity with my brothers and sisters in fighting to dismantle systemic racism around the world, from the ground up.

Education is key in this struggle. My goal as an educator is to help students from diverse cultures learn to engage in dialog and civic action in a diverse, democratic society. Students’ dreams, hopes, and experiences or not only included in my curriculum but are necessary in its construction.

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