CSTP Growth & Development

Before beginning this chapter of my teaching experience I set a series of over arching goals to guide me. They are as follows:

  1. I would like to continue my learning about skills that support students’ learning such as differentiating
    instruction and making learning goals clear with the “new generations” of students.
  2. Learning additional art strategies/activities to foster learning and creative environments for students.
  3. Continue learning about the use of different assessments such as diagnostic and analyzing summative
    results to guide instructional decisions in Art.

Developing as a Professional Educator (Recommendations aligned to the TPEs)

  1. Being an arts teacher, I want to develop collaboration skills in working with others in integrating the
    arts in other content subject areas.
  2. I want to develop skills to create a community network in arts education in the schools and communities as a whole.

Reflecting back on this past year and the goals I set for myself I realize my strengths are in supporting students learning and differentiating projects to students unique learning styles. Although COVID-19 imposed restrictions on my teaching style, the limitations also allowed for an opportunity to approach old problems differently, including the way I deliver instruction and gauge instructional success. I adopted technology like never before including video instruction and demonstration plus digital art programs that allowed me to track student’s progress in real time. I am proud of the new technical mediums I was able to teach my students to use and leverage in their other classes, including Digital art programs, Google suite including google drawing, plus GIF and animation generators.

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